Judah Mantell

NYC Based Sleight of Hand Artist, Magician, and Mentalist

Immersive, Theatrical Entertainment

From the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, to the Mircaz Hakosmim in Tel Aviv, Judah Mantell has been performing, practicing, and teaching sleight of hand, magic, and mentalism all over the world for over fifteen years and is extremely excited to share that with you.

He is known for his captivating performances rooted in immersive storytelling and parlour magic. With a genuine passion for the history of magic, card table deception, and sideshow-effects, Judah weaves together enchanting acts that bring people together in wonder and awe. 

Judah is available for private shows and theatrical events, and invites you to experience the magic firsthand, where imagination takes center stage and astonishment awaits.

Email Judah for more info:  Judah@JudahMagic.com


Is it real?

No.  Very little of what I do is real, and it's important to know that while enjoying the show!

But if magic was real, it would look an awful lot like what I do.  I use sleight of hand, illusions, and trickery to look ​like magic.

What is Mentalism?

Mentalism can be described as "Magic of the Mind".

When performed correctly, it looks exactly like I'm reading your mind, looking into your thoughts, and other "mind over matter" illusions.

Who are the Shows For?

It depends on what type of show.  I tailor every show I do to fit exactly what the audience wants, though the ideal audience is above the age of 16 and those who appreciate immserive, story-driven illusions.

What Types of Events do I do?

I am available for parlour and stage shows for private events or public bookings.

Can you Learn Magic?

Sure!  With practice and dedication anyone can learn!

Be sure to contact me for more info, if you're interested in learning more about getting started with magic.

Where to See a Show

You can watch the sample show embedded above, or take a look at the Live page for info on current engagements.